Intelligent Netware

Intelligent Netware, LLC, is a privately owned boutique business development, media, marketing and web technology firm and social enterprise founded by husband and wife team Daniel Comp & Angelina Bosch Musik-Comp with two U.S. Small Business Administration 'Champion-of-the-Year' awards. 

They are the inventors of the web fractal applied to creating one of the largest campaigns on how to live smarter, healthier and happier called Wellness by Choice.

In the early days they contributed to the successes of corporate companies and then segued into to growing sustainable enterprises while making a difference in the lives of their owners and local communities.

Today they are working with authentic and cause driven leaders to educate and inspire personal awareness and healthy choices. Wellness by Choice is the largest privately held web syndication which brings the expert guidance to nearly every community across America with a population of 500 and more.

Wellness by Choice®

"We fully believe the health and wellness industries are ripe for disruption. National web syndication is an application of exponential technologies applied to web content. Wellness by Choice brings great opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to reach further and scale their expertise. Together we are facilitating niche market dominance by distributing content with a conscience for brands and providers. We look forward to speaking with you about touching people's lives with stöf that matters."

Daniel and Angelina

Angelina Musik-Comp

Angelina Bosch Musik-Comp is the Co-Founder of Intelligent Netware™ and Wellness by Choice™, Founder of MOMtrepreneurs™; two time U.S. Small Business Administration Awarded Entrepreneur and a Texas Women's Hall of Fame Nominee!

In 1999 she fled her domestic violence situation in San Antonio, Texas to Tacoma, WA with her two kids in tow.  Her Enterprising Women's Avengers Project and book will be promoted in O, the Oprah Magazine January 2020 as an educational tool to educate, inspire and empower women in distrress into a better future through entrepreneurship.

She is one of the first ten female CEO’s of a web tech company and longest reigning at the same single company, Intelligent Netware.
Her top strengths are:   STRATEGY  |  FUTURIST  |  COMMAND

Daniel Comp

As the co-founder of Intelligent Netware™ he holds 7 world records for IT production, authored Entrepreneurial Schizophrenia® and The Enterprising Cycle™

He has cycled across America three times and has a great passion for outdoor adventure, which is easy to see in his (adult) children, David and Carissa.

Daniel met Angelina online in 1999 and have served enterprises and entrepreneurs together with their integrative approach to business and personal development which is both high tech and high touch. He's a fan of machine learning toward Singularity, a strong contributor to open source.
His top strengths are:   ACHIEVER  |  INPUT  |  LEARNER