Deborah Schueneman, SBDCNet Director - Small Business Administration
San Antonio, TX
We nominated Angelina [SBA Woman in Business Champion of the Year] because of her perseverance and dedication to assist women and families. She won on both the local level and Southwest U.S. District level, first woman awarded twice by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Diana Stopford - Director of Business Development, United Parcel Services
San Francisco, CA
Thank you for your professionalism, quality and details in your design for the development of the UPS tracking system.
Holly Lipnicky - RiteAid Corporation
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
"The functionality of our Executive Portal BAT is remarkable, we can instantly recognize individuals and team achievements and add a whole new dynamic to the EBITDA (financials) project as well as service within Rite Aid. I am very excited about how it will modify our whole perception of the workplace and service."
Texas Governor Recognition
Congratulations from the State of Texas in recognition of your achievements as a Texas Woman's Hall of Fame Nominee, and as a two-time 'Woman in Business Champion' through the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Kay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator
Mrs. Hutchison shares, “I salute your powerful vision for women. As a woman who has been able to attain a position of leadership, I understand the importance of empowering women. Your contributions play a large role in the advancement of women everywhere.”
Better Business Bureau
Intelligent Netware LLC's rating include: length of time business has been operating, no complaints filed with BBB, BBB has sufficient background information on this business.
Bob Moawad - Founder/CEO of Edge Learning Institute
Tacoma, WA
Thanks so very much for making technology so user friendly. We have thousands of people all over the world who love the spectacular design and functionality you have created for us. I appreciate how we can now provide online training, feedback and tracking to our corporate clients with our Leader Training Curriculum in it.
Charlie Duke - Apollo 16 Commander
New Braunfel, TX
"During my career as an Astronaut and an Air Force pilot I was very familiar with powerful planes and rockets. I've learned to trust my life and business on great tools and competent people. Daniel and Angelina have put together an amazing system for small businesses that is technically advanced, yet doesn't take a rocket scientist to run it. I highly recommend their services - I didn't settle for anything less!"
Graham Kerr - the Galloping Gourmet
Mount Vernon, WA
"Daniel is continually creative. He has an excellent eye for light, form and texture and an ear for understanding his client's needs. Daniel is an unusual blend of Artist, Technician, Craftsman and Servant who can easily become a partner in your creative process."
Dr. Dean Rush - Former VP American Airlines
Austin, TX
"I've watched Daniel overcome great obstacles and stick to a vision of making a difference for people. Daniel and Angelina are the kind of team leaders few people find, and their work is world class. I can depend on their services without being intimidated because of their caring hearts. I encourage you to consider being a part of their undertaking - and historic journey."
Sarah Little-Turnbull - Design Legend
Stanford, CA
"Daniel is a conceptual thinker who has the ability to implement his ideas with a spectrum of skills. His work represents a unique combination of abilities executed with reliability and great ingenuity. I recommend him very highly."
Clint Hacknee - Program Manager - Tribal TANF at SPIPA
Shelton, WA
I have known Daniel and Angelina for many years. Like many of their clients, they provided me excellent web technology, services, advice and solutions. However, I believe their highest value to me is functioning like my own private round-table or think tank. With them on my team I am able to share, dream, explore, think outside the box, be visionary and pull many different and what may seem to be unrelated topics together. In our sessions, we are able to synthesize incredible amounts of information and distill it down to produce solid strategies and achievable goals.


Aric Bostick - International Youth Motivational Speaker
Austin, TX
Angelina and Daniel have been AWESOME! My website has been my press kit where people can read about me, listen to my audios, and view my video samplings before booking me for their organization or event. By the time I talk to them it's like they KNOW me. The results have been INCREDIBLE, and the search engine marketing results have been amazing!!!
Alan Landis - National Executive Coach for Yellow Pages
Kent, WA
"There are few people as brilliant and creative as Angelina and Daniel - especially because their character serves their passion to help others. They are classic entrepreneurs and determined business leaders. Their presentation and performance, both on and off-stage, reflect a strong inner confidence and passion for what they are determined to contribute. You would do well to have them on your team."
Mario Diana MD FACS - Managing Director New Day Plastic Surgery
San Antonio, TX
"I have had the pleasure to work with Angelina and her husband Daniel on multiple projects including website design, marketing and new software development. I have always found them to be creative and out-of-the-box, but particularly honest and with an high degree of integrity. I would wholeheartedly recommend Angelina as a leader and creative motivator of the uppermost rank!"
John Smart - International Speaker and Entrepreneur
Brisbane, AU
"Daniel and Angelina are a very rare breed of people that are highly competent, yet they are humble servants going the extra mile to help people that are making a difference for others. They have provided me with tools, training, support and a friendship few people find in a lifetime. I count it an honor to have them as a part of my core team, and encourage you to follow their lead as Master Entrepreneurs."
Karee Clark - MOMtrepreneur
San Antonio
"Angelina and MOMtrepreneurs have helped me completely turn my life around. From this association I have achieved a self-confidence that I have never known before. For the first time in my life, I am able to speak in front of a group. Both my personal life and my professional life are steadily improving. I realize that people actually accept me. This has made me want to reach out to help other women to find themselves and perhaps, to improve their own futures."
Dave Falzereno - Clear Visions Inc [ a Div. Consolidated Graphics ]
San Antonio
My experience was very positive. Daniel and Angelina's knowledge on the web site design process is very in-depth and innovative. Our marketing plans and ideas are enhanced by their interpretation and implementation of our needs. Attention to detail is their game. To come up in the search engines so that we could benefit from passive website traffic was remarkable!
Fred Kline - Founder/President Active Sportswear Outlet
San Antonio
Working with Angelina and Daniel has been fantastic. I didn't expect the results I've been having by being found online under so many products in the ski and snow industry. My previous experience with a web development company was totally different in the wrong way. I have received so many orders from people all over the US in the first three months after launching the website.
Bruce Rudd - Dir. Customer Technology, Business Interiors Northwest
Seattle, WA
Business Interiors Northwest has benefited significantly from browser based administration and uploading technologies for our huge site - freeing up our in-house staff of the programming burden with the help of Daniel and Angelina.
Sharon Miller - Owner, Laglio Gourmet Boutique
Katy, Texas
It's been a blessing and wonderful learning experience while working with Angelina and Daniel, as I took over this gourmet business from its original owners. The new website was easy to update, it was found A LOT in the search engines helping me fill up our gourmet cooking classes and gift basket orders. And the business mentoring was beyond helpful until the day we closed the doors to focus on other priorities in life.
Tony Campolo - Professor Emeritus
St. Davids, PA
"Congratulations on your effectiveness as you help to facilitate financial and ethical accountability in the corporate community. You’ve done a lot that is good, and the Kingdom of God has been enhanced because of you."
Brian Scudamore - 800-Got-Junk?
Vancouver, Canada
"You guys are awesome!"
Jeff Schmeck - VP of Miner Fleet Management
San Antonio, TX
Our website made it possible for us to bring in new clients, like Federal Express and CompUSA, because we were able to offer them something that our competitors are not! I used to be like so many executives, swearing I'd never be a convert to technology, but now I can manage our own site, even on an airplane to the next business meeting. It's been an amazing transformation working with Daniel and Angelina!